Monday, September 20, 2010

the emails

Since my recent hacking of the email account I've had for 7-10 years, I pretty much deleted everything in there or moved it to a new account. The main thing I wanted to make sure got moved/protected? Emails. Two hundred fifty or so emails back and forth from The Hubs and I after we first "met" online until we eloped about sevenish months later. Some of the emails have been lost - apparently I didn't manage to keep them all, but the majority of them are there. Long, get-to-know-you emails at first, then long-sappy-love-sick-long-distance-across-a-continent-and-an-ocean emails just a bit later. Tonight I read a few of the first ones. The other day I had a chance to just glance at some of the sappy ones.
There it is in black and white - each of us putting our best foot forward, trying to impress each other while still being honest and open. Documentation, primary sources, of us falling in love. One of the perks to a long distance relationship. Some people have ticket stubs and photographs of their courtship, we have words. Lots and lots of words.
And these emails - these letters of hope and anticipation and expectation and so much more - serve as a reminder of our commitment to each other and the importance of communication, as well as a reminder of just how easy it is to fall in love with the right person, but just how much hard work it takes. They remind me just what, or should I say who, I fell in love with six and a half years ago, and why I want to spend the next sixty years continuing to fall in love with him.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats


  1. An "awwwwww" and a chuckcle (primary sources).

  2. I threw the "primary sources" reference in there for my teacher friends. :)

  3. I think you should make this a start of a new set of emails... so many years in and the encouragement/love/affirmations can still continue. Besides who doesn't love to see "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" ~ especially from the one you adore.

  4. Has it been almost seven years? Wow!! I remember the blogs from those days. You make a cute couple.

  5. K and I dated (long distance) all through college. The year we graduated, I gave him a book of our emails (done old school style...printed out and put in photo sleeves) as a gift. We still have it in our basement.


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