Thursday, September 2, 2010

The E-Dog

So our dog in recent months has had trouble lifting her hind legs.  She drags them behind her a lot of times, but if she sees something she wanst (a squirrel, a treat, a ride in the car) she can move very quickly on all four.  She is an odd-shaped mutt - big body, not so big head, little chicken legs - so while some called her fat (she really isn't fat, she is solid), we just figured she was a bit lazy.  A couple of weeks ago the walking got worse. Some days it seemed fine, other days not so much.  She was avoiding using her right leg.  We finally bit the bullet and took her to the vet today.  (We love our vet.  He is an older, Christian guy, on the outskirts of town, with whom we board E-dog.)   The verdict?  Arthritis.  So bad that her cartiledge is gone in one of her knees, not so good in the other, and her hip looks bad.  We love our E-dog.  So we are going to pay for a few rounds of shots.  And we bought her better (and surprisingly less expensive) dog food.  I feel safe in the house with our dog, especially when the Hubs now has to work some evenings.  She is sooo incredibly good with Buddy.  I hope she is able to walk better soon.  If her treatment eventually involves more than just a few shots/her health gets worse, we will have to put her down.  Hopefully it will not come to that.

Random side note:  Hubs and I compared vet care with human care.  Our doggie doc was on time, moved efficiently, told us the price of everything before he proceeded with anything (giving us a chance to yay or nay), and was reasonably priced.   Affordable health care at the vet of our choosing - without insurance - without a government health plan for animals.  Why?  No big bad insurance companies, no big bad lobbyists, no big bad lawyers looking to sue for every little hangnail, no doggies going to the vet for every tiny problem wanting the tax payers to pay for it and crowding the doggie er's.  :)  (Yes, I can make everything political, friends, and THAT is why you love me, mwah wah wah.)


  1. Poor E-dog! Hopefully the shots will do the trick since I can't imagine your family without her. I did find your comparison of vet care and human care very enlightening! I wish your vet saw humans.

  2. When we were chatting/comparing today I was reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer goes to the vet. hehehe

  3. I almost mentioned that episode on my comment but I was afraid you wouldn't know what I was talking about.

  4. Did you watch the Youtube clip? I love that one!


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