Sunday, September 12, 2010

The E-Dog Saga continued

Poor Ebby Lou.  She falls many mornings when she gets up to go outside.  She scoots around more and more instead of walking.  Arthritis has severely damaged her legs and hips, and we cannot do anything except make it so it hopefully doesn't get worse.  But it will not get better. 
What is the humane thing to do?
She does not whine or act like she is in a lot of pain, but she is definitely very limited.  Her poor big body shape on her tiny legs just adds to the situation.  Did I mention she is also now pulling out some of her fur?
So we are wrestling with the decision of putting her down. And it breaks my heart because she is one of the sweetest dogs ever.  She loves Bubby and is soooooo good with him - patient and gentle and protective.  Sometimes I think Ebby thinks she is his mama.  And the boy loves his dog.  Now that he is crawling he chases her (as she scoots), pets her (which is actually more like smacking than petting), and "talks" to her.
So we don't know what to do.
And if we put her down, that leaves us with another dilema.  We would need another dog at this house, especially with The Hubs working a lot of evenings.  But we would need a dog that is just as good with babies.  And all of this costs money, too.  And it makes me feel a little guilty thinking of a replacement dog before Ebby's fate is even determined.  Aye aye aye.
We have had Ebby since we moved to Missouri.  We got her right away.  We are definitely "the dog is part of the family" people.  Needing some wisdom to do what is best.


  1. This breaks my heart for you. :( We are also "the dog is part of the family" people, so totally understand the pain. Does the vet give you any indication if she is suffering or not?


  2. This is such a tough decision. So sorry that you have to go through it. Love you!

    Cousin Michelle

  3. We don't know how much pain she is in because the vet gave us pain-pills.

  4. poor girl! have you see those doggie walker thingies? They use them for dogs that have lost use of their hind legs. I have no clue how much that would cost though.


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