Monday, September 27, 2010

autumn Sunday gratitude and MM 234-

Yesterday autumn weather arrived.  My Southern California hubby fears it is here to stay.  I, hater of winter, surprisingly always love when autumn weather comes on the scene.  I love the coolness, but yet not-too-cold-chill,  in the mornings under the quilt.  It seemed the last half of summer dragged on with heat and humidity, and I could not fully enjoy a pumpkin spice latte on a ninety degree day.
I have to say it was a pretty perfect Sunday here. I made a pretty tasty lunch, Bubby napped, I napped (even longer thanks to The Hubs entertaining the baby), and I went grocery shopping tonight and saved $23.00 by shopping the sales.  Bubby Boy is in fuzzy, footie pajamas and looks so sweet, and while I am not so sure it is quite cool enough for me to be wearing them, I busted out my flannel pajamas.  Yes, life was pretty good yesterday.

holy experience

234. finding canned pumpkin at the store
235. Bubby pulling up ALMOST to stand
236. comfort food
237. connecting with other mommies
238. finding a library book I thought was lost
239. a potentially full-of-clients day for hubby
240. Baby J's arrival
241. good reports on Baby J's progress in the NICU
242. Bubby once again in footie pajamas
243. snuggling with Bubby before breakfast
244. successful baking for once
245. Shelli's triple berry cobbler on Tuesday night


  1. I can't believe he's almost pulling to stand!
    I love fall too. I love to be cozy, but not cold.

  2. Love the little things in this post!

  3. Beauitful!

    Blessings, Traci


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