Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It was a rough night at our house.  Bubby and I have allergies, so while the  rest of the city turned off the A/C and opened windows, we did not.  Poor Bubby was beyond miserable from about six o'clock on.  Around seven I knew he just needed to sleep, but he couldn't.  All night he fought it because he couldn't get comfortable with all of the snot seeping out of him.  I held him, the Hubs held him, we put him in is crib, in his swing, on the floor next to me.  That is where Bubby and I spent most of the night because he was most comfortable there.  It was so sad when he would wake up (almost sleep walking without the walking), look/crawl around the floor and try to deal with his own misery.  It makes me feel so helpless as a mama when there is really nothing I can do to help my child...and I wonder will these feelings always take me back to Bubby's NICU days?
This morning was the sweetest moment though.  The Hubs needed to run out and get some milk, and Bubby was still sleeping (and I was still sprawled out next to him on the floor).  The front door shuts quietly, Bubs' eyes pop open, and in the most cheerful voice he says, "Da-da?!"with a smile on his face (as well as some crusty stuff).    My generally happy little guy is back, though still fighting junk, and the Mac family will soon be making a trip to Starbucks because after a night like that, we think we deserve a little tasty caffeine. :)  And for all of this I am thankful - air conditioning, helpful hubby, little boy who teaches me lessons in perseverance...

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  1. did you get the pumpkin spice latte or the new toffee mocha? i hope tonight goes much better for all of you. *hugs and prayers*


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