Saturday, August 28, 2010

stick a fork in me

I am tired of mediocrity.  I am tired of being like everyone else.  The Cross is offensive.  The Truth is offensive.  Jesus was offensive.  He was kind and compassionate to the lost, but man did He let "the church-goers" of His time have it. Turning tables, calling them vipers, calling a spade a spade.
I want to be like that.  All of it. 
He never said to people doing wrong, "That's okay."  He said to them, "Go and sin no more."  And He said to the religious even more harsh statements.
I am tired of luke-warmness.  I am tired of post-modern.  I am tired, tired, tired of people defending things that should not be defended.
People like me are not popular.  In the past or in the present. Oh well.
I just think if you are Christian you should not pick and choose the parts of the Bible you will believe.
If you are a Buddhist, don't just pick out the parts of Buddhism that are easy.
If you are a Muslim, be the best Muslim you can be.
If you are an atheist, be the best atheist you can be.

I happen to be a Christ-follower.  Not perfect. Not at all. I screw up. I will admit when I screw up. I have before, I will again.  I will never apologize for standing up for what I believe.  It isn't worth it to me. I have come to realize that over the last few days.
Because what is the point of being a Christian if you are not going to be sold-out?  What is the point of being anything (conservative, liberal, vegetarian, Hawkeye fan, etc.) if you are not going to be sold-out?
My points in my blog are never to offend non-Christians.  If you are one, and I offend you, please let me know. That is never my intent.  My intent is to challenge people who share my faith to think about things.  Please know that this is my blog which describes my journey - as a mother, as a wife, a friend, a Christian - it will have many bumps and hiccups along the way.  If you are a Christian and you are offended, I honestly do not care as much because 9 times out of 10 I am guessing you probably should be.  Sincerely think of why you are offended.  Then feel free to let me know.  We may not agree, but I am always open to reasonable and calm debate.  I am not at the point in my life any more where I want a screaming match.

I will lose friends, I will lose readers, but people who really understand my heart I will not lose.  And I am at peace with that.


  1. Amanda, You will not lose me as a reader, you challenge me and I need that. I don't want my comment on your last post to make you think I was hurt or offended. I am not. You have really made me think and I think that is what you wanted. :-)

    Anyway I have got to go get supper ready and then I will will be back hopefully to process and write out some of my own thoughts.

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  3. I have no more responses for you, Forrest. I love you, but I disagree with you. Your tone is very hateful, and I hope mine hasn't been.

  4. Maria - Thanks. I actually hadn't read your other comment when I posted that. I wrote because if history repeats itself, my stance on truth makes some people in my life disassociate with me. I'm just prepared for that.

  5. thank you! i identified so strongly with your first paragraph. almost a year ago, i lost a significant friendship, was kicked out of ministry, was the subject of several elders meetings at two different churches and was unfriended by several friends because i spoke out about unresolved sin. (i should point out that i've read your earlier post). when did living Biblically become optional? why did we as a church throw holiness out the door along with legalism?

    thank you for your boldness. please keep writing, keep being real. you are an encouragement to those in the same boat. i've been praying for your family when you flit into my thoughts. *hugs*

  6. Thank you - we are at the point where we both feel strongly about our opinion, so we are just agree to disagree.
    The phrases in your last question resonate with me - holiness does not mean legalism. I think they get confused on both ends of the legalism/relevance spectrum.


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