Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I met with my regular OB today for my "regular" two week appointment and round 2 of my progesterone shot.  Today my hip isn't hurting (so far) like last week, but boy do I have a headache!
I had discussed a question regarding if/when I should receive steroids with this pregnancy like I had to with Buddy when I was in the hospital.  The high risk doc told me it was up to me.  My OB today said she would very much recommend me doing that at week 28.  So she made a note in my file, and I feel good that she is being very proactive (even though I have to wait 45 minutes twice a month for a 5 minute visit...grrr).
Continuing to pray that I make it to at least week 35/36, but feeling better that we are doing all we can to keep this baby as healthy and safe as possible.

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