Thursday, August 12, 2010

quick update

One of the worst moments of mommyhood happened today.  I don't know if my equalibrium was off or just pregnancy clutziness or what combined with a rambunctious one year old, but Buddy slipped out of my arms and landed on the tile floor.  I cried longer than he did.  He has a big bruise on his forehead.  Mother-of-the-year right here.  But he's been his normal self all day, so he's okay.  My emotional scar will last much longer than the mark on his head.
Buddy is making huge strides with his gross motor skills.  His physical therapist is going to be shocked, I think, because she was on vacation all of July, and we had a sub. Then we have been gone for these first two weeks of August so he's had no therapy this month so far.  But he is pulling up like crazy on everything almost ready to stand.  He is also on hands and knees a ton and soooo stinkin' close to crawling. He appears to about do it, and everyone watching sucks all the oxygen out of the room in anticipation, and then he goes into sit.  I am so very thankful at all of the progress he is making.

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  1. Accidents happen! I hope that you can put it out of your mind soon!

    Goooooooo, Buddy! So excited to see him (and you) on Saturday to see all that he has learned!!!

    Can't wait!

    Cousin Michelle


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