Tuesday, August 31, 2010

pumpkin spice lattes

They're back.... at least according to my online sources.

Sadly, this fall's budget will not be allotting me my normal seasonal quota of my favorite autumn beverage.

Not only is it a tasty drink, the beverage reminds me of the week The Hubs and I got engaged.  I drank a lot of pumpkin spice lattes for the first time while he was back in the States visiting.  So each sip is a trip down memory lane...

Have I convinced anyone to purchase a lifetime supply (or even just a season's supply) for me yet? hehehe

I'm shameless... when it comes to loving you,  (pumpkin spice latte).


  1. It's TRUE! They are BACK. I had one yesterday. I wish they weren't so darn expensive so I could have multiple doses a day. I heart them as much as you do.

  2. I have never tried one...i may now....thanks for sharing the info. and making me smile. :-)

  3. AHHH!!!! If I had known, I would have brought you one yesterday. (even though you told me not to!! Seriously, you need to take me up on these things! ;))
    Love me a good pumpkin spice latte. I just can't drink one when it's 95 degrees out. Ha! Have to wait another month or so before I can REALLY enjoy one.


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