Friday, August 6, 2010

on the sunny side of the street

The weather here this morning was absolutely gorgeous.  Lucky for me, my mom has a stroller in the garage borrowed from a friend, so Buddy and I went for a walk from my neighborhood down the road just a bit to my grandmother's.
I love that the neighborhood I grew up in hasn't changed too much over the years.  Most of the families I grew up with have moved out, but the houses still look just about the same, and the neighborhood is still quaint and safe.  Being that I live in a neighborhood where I do not walk my child in a stroller - I drive to a better section of town to walk in a park - today I very much enjoyed getting outside.
My walk triggered memories of riding bikes and later rollerblading down the same road I now walk my baby boy in stroller.  Down the one end of the cul-de-sac is where about a dozen neighborhood kids used to play kickball or kick-the-can until dark and the moms would call us inside, covered in dirt and mosquito bites.  Next door we used to play horse and knock-out in the neighbor's driveway. I look out the window and see the "other Amanda's" house, and I can still see the two of us plus Sam, Breann, and Maggie making up dance moves to the newest New Kids' tape. 
Some of my best childhood memories were on this street. The street I strolled with my little boy today.

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