Monday, August 2, 2010

Multitude Monday 134-144

134. not having any deer hit our car
135. lunch with about 15 adults and 15 children - surprisingly controlled chaos - it was a great time
136. upcoming coffee with my best friend in just a couple of hours - Buddy gets meet her, my friend of almost twenty years, for the first time
137. laughter in the car
138. Buddy falling asleep as soon as I had the wisdom to turn off the night-light
139.biscuits and gravy shared with my son
140. refusing to get stressed out about the next few months as I adopt Scarlett O'Hara's motto, "I'll think about it tomorrow.  After all, tomorrow is another day..."
141. learning about the enormity of the universe and the intricacy of an embryo
142. laminin
143. the anticipation of a scoop of bubble gum ice cream in a dish
144. slobbery kisses

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  1. oh, i'm so glad the deer didn't hit you! that must have been terrifying. and how special, to have a dear friend meet buddy... these moments are pure and beautiful. xo


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