Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday perfection

tuesdays unwrapped at cats
I came back from two weeks away, excited to be home, but there is always the let-down of being back in the land of reality and responsibility.  Laundry to do, groceries to be purchased, things to get done and be put away.  It makes a person want to get back in the car and drive to any place but here.
Monday being Monday had its moments of frustration and irritation, but when I realized the problem was more with me than with Monday, I began to see the day for what it was.  A perfect Monday.
groceries purchased and dinners planned for the week
laundry tackled
lots of play time with Buddy and a long nap for him, too
gift card used for Sonic happy hour with the Hubs
an amazing break from the dreadful heat and a lovely walk in the park with my guys
chicken on the grill


  1. Amazing what happens when we deliberately change our perpective!

  2. Welcome back to reality, right :-)

  3. hoping you find peace and beauty amongst the chaos of the every-day, friend. babies help with this, no? love to you.


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