Tuesday, August 10, 2010

late Multitude Monday 145-155

Yes, it is Tuesday.  But here is this week's list.

145. Watching Bubs start to rock back and forth on hands and knees again BIG TIME. (He took a very long break after he did so in early July.)  He's also really pulling up on things as well.
146. Days and evenings filled with various people to visit - there is never enough time while I am home.
147.  Agreeing on a name if we have a baby girl.
148. Whitey's ice cream.
149. The type of marriage where I can visit my family without guilt (though I do miss The Hubs a bunch).
150. A little bit of a bump
151. Seeing Buddy fall asleep while my best friend held him.
152. Staying in a house with cable and watching Food Network :)
153. Conversations about the sacrifices (financially, professionally, emotionally) of being a stay-at-home mom with women who have been there/done that - and being reminded once again that it is completely worth it for me.
154. A Monday afternoon nap amidst the noise of basement construction
155.  Getting excited to see some of my cousins this weekend

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  1. A bit of a bump!?! How exciting! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!!!

    Cousin Michelle


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