Monday, August 16, 2010

he's crawling - and M.M. 156-168

I have a lot of catching up to do in my blog-reading.  I haven't been around very much lately because I spent the last two weeks in my hometown.  It was a great trip, and it feels weird to think I most likely won't be back up until 2011.  With my history of preterm labor I don't want to travel anywhere once I hit the viability weeks in my pregnancy. 
While I was home, Buddy started crawling.  Friday, August 13 was his lucky day.  I stepped out of the room for a moment at Mimi's, and Karin-the-Great calls out, "He's crawling!"  So we spent the afternoon encouraging him to crawl some more.  Of course my good video camera was at my mom's house, but thankfully my phone has a feature to record short videos, though the quality isn't that great.  Bubs still is preferring to scoot around on his belly army-crawl style, but I think he is gradually realizing getting up on hands and knees to crawl is faster.  He is into EVERYTHING and pulling up on EVERYTHING.  I am thinking he will be standing and cruising around the furniture in the not too distant future.

I know all good parents are proud of their children when they reach a milestone, but I wonder if those of us with children who are a bit behind have a different sense of pride?  Most babies crawl between 6-10 months, Buddy is 14.5 months (and 12 months for his adjusted preemie age).  While most babies figure out this skill on their own, we had to bring in an expert to help us with Buddy's gross motor skills (and oh my goodness is she going to be shocked I think when she comes this week!).  Every accomplishment we do not take for granted.  They are amazing gifts, and I pray that I feel this way for every child I have, preemie or not.

holy experience

157. people willing to drive me back and forth
158. friday night pizza conversation with one of my cousins - my sides still hurt from laughing
159. seeing family at my other cousin's baby shower
160. coffee with my aunt
161. just time in general with my family of the best cakes I've ever tasted
163. new friends
164. difficult but important conversations
165. sleeping in my old bedroom with the glow-in-the-dark starts still on the ceiling
166. a new appreciation for grace
167. a one-year old who travels pretty well in the car
168. some clients for the Hubs


  1. Lovely post!
    I join you in gratitude for Friday night pizza night with family, difficult but important conversations and new friends.
    Enjoyed stopping by!
    grace and peace to you

  2. ditto on numbers 158 & 162. That cake was amazing!


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