Wednesday, August 18, 2010

God's Yes

My personal portrait of God
differs from some others'...

I see Him knocking down fences and walls
not built by His hands
but by those who do not understand

how He longs for us to run barefoot in the grass
and laugh until it hurts
and cry without shame
and share conversation and a bottle of wine
not just for the communion of Remembrance
but for the communion and celebration of the Present.

"Love Me. Love others as you love yourself." He calls out.

The simplicity and the complexity of all that is required echoes in my heart.

That is all I want for my son.
For him to grow to love Him with passion,
others with understanding,
and himself with sincerity.

And I realize the same is the Father's desire for me.

"Stand in awe of God's Yes." Psalm 128:4 The Message


  1. "The simplicity and the complexity" - truer words were never spoken. I always think of the commandment to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself. So simple and so monumental. Apart from His grace, impossible.

  2. and that is all i want for my boys as well...
    running/walking barefoot with God...
    i like that...smiles..

    my imperfect prose

  3. how beautiful to desire God's yes instead of hiding behind the fig often i forget that delight is my duty and how i pray the same prayer for my children for God to be the apple of their eye...

  4. Ahmen.
    Such a beautiful prayer.

  5. Lovely! Simple and beautiful wants for your son.

  6. Oh I love this, and the cry of the heart for community and wholeness. I want the same for my daughter's, that they would never fear to love and always be bold to give, knowing all the while that their Father revels in it all, especially them. This was beautiful!

  7. God's yes ... how i hope for that to be my desire...

  8. yes yes yes. when the mother's heart reflects the father's heart. when it is for wholeness (like shauna said) and a desire to know and be known. i LOVE and relate to this post so much. i want my boys to be free in a way i did not growing up under imposed legalism and abuse. it is a wondrous thing, this Grace God gives us.

  9. this bleeds my mother-heart and i cry yes...

    an exquisite post. thank you so much for linking ...

  10. "Stand in awe of God's yes" Psalm 128:4 this is really good,it goes real well with what I have been reading in Hebrews 11:6 in The Message as well "Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him. I love The Message translation! Great post!

  11. simple life is the most beautiful life.
    enjoyed your beautiful sentiments here.

  12. I so agree with your personal concept of God. You said it so well.

  13. YES! Your words reflect the revelation I am in the middle of. "That is all I want for my son . . And I realize the same is the Father's desire for me."
    How wonderful the way He reveals to us His heart as we love our children. What a blessed son to have a momma who sees this while he's still young. I'm so happy for you and him!


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