Thursday, August 26, 2010


Trying to find the appropriate balance between relevance and righteousness.
A local church flier first appalled me.  Then convicted me.  Then appalled me again.

I am completely opposed to legalism.
But I am mortified to see how far a "Bible-believing" church will stoop in order to be popular and draw in a crowd with a crass one-liner. For shock value?  For humor? For what I am not sure.

And I am mortified that until today the line did not bother me.  I laughed at it frequently and quoted it occassionally.

But when I saw it today in black and white to advertise a sermon-series, anger overcame me.  First at that church's leadership, then at my own heart.

I still do not think being a Christ-follower means a big long list of rules and regulations.  It doesn't.  Not at all.  It is grace and freedom... and yet, responsibility, too.

But I was saddened to have staring me in the face the beauty of sex cheapened.  And cheapened by a place that is supposed to value it.  And cheapened by me.

In high school, in college, even last year I gave up watching shows I loved. Not because anyone told me to.  Not at all.  Because I was tired of them cheapening something I place high value on. And now it looks like I am about to give up another.

And I know I will find my balance again between freedom and responsibility, righteousness and relevance.  Once my head stops spinning from all of the thoughts started by a simple flier I almost threw away without a second glance.


  1. tricky stuff, this. i'm glad to find others who grapple with balance, with loving and enjoying and fearing a holy God. (and i'm extra-glad for the conviction on not ingesting shows/movies/books that cheapen what God treasures, regardless of how clever they may be. thank you for that.)

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