Friday, August 13, 2010

another day, another dollar

I am a teacher's kid.  Pre-Buddy I was a teacher.  I think of my years not only in the traditional since but also based off of a school calendar. Today many of my teacher friends go back to work, and I begin year # 2 as a stay-at-home mom.  A few months ago I thought I was going back to teaching since Hubby's new job would mean minimal non-parental childcare for Bubs, but God told me "no" at the last minute, and then a few weeks later He explained why...Mac 2.0.
I miss the paycheck though we have never been a two-income family, so I probably miss it less than some others in my position.  I miss school supplies and setting up a classroom and most of the students and most of the teachers.  I very much miss finding a rubber rat in the copy machine and chatting on recess duty.  I DO NOT miss recess duty though.
But as Buddy has become more interactive, and I have adjusted to a different way to spend my day I can honestly say I love my new job.  I am my own boss.  I can take "vacation" whenever I want... I just have to bring my work with me.  I don't get emails, notes, and phone calls from irate and incompetent parents.I am definitely using my degrees, though in a slightly different way.  My paycheck is daily in the form of smiles, slobbery kisses, and the progress I see Buddy making that I don't know if he would be making as quickly if I was not with him as much as I am.
Happy New School Year to my teacher friends.  I hope to maybe see you this fall if I can substitute a couple of days a week.  Good luck!  I miss you, gals, but I must admit I am content with where I have been placed again this year. 


  1. Oh, how I LOVE that you're subbing! This is great! And what's also great is our new "rat" in the form of a JFK bust, which is making the rounds at E III.

    I sure hope I get to see you around the building this year! And we can REQUEST YOU!

  2. A few short years from now, you can be a full time, home schooling mom.


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