Friday, August 20, 2010

19 week update

I haven't written too much about Mac2.0 lately. I will post a picture on Saturday after my haircut per my sister-in-law's request. :) I am definitely bigger/rounder at this point than I was with Buddy.
I was having every-other-week appointments, but I was out of town for my last one, so August will just have one a "normal" pregnancy. Then I will be back to every other week.
Progesterone shots started Wednesday. The shot initially didn't hurt. The nurse apologized about the thickness of the liquid and the pain, but when she was done administering it, I thought, "That is it?" and felt pretty proud of myself. I had taken all the shots in the hospital with Buddy really well, so I was just about to give myself the label Superwoman as I walked out of the office, BUT by the time I reached my car my hip felt like it was on fire. This pain lasted throughout the day. I will get to experience this every Wednesday until week 35 or 36, but it is well worth it if it keeps Mac2.0 in a little longer than Buddy.
Tuesday morning we have our big ultrasound including finding out the gender. I would love to be surprised, but honestly, it will just be easier to know if I need to purchase some pink things or get the tiny blue things out of storage. We have a girl's first name 100% decided on, but we do not have a boy's name yet or a middle name for a girl.
We also meet with the high risk doctor Tuesday after the ultrasound to go over the images and anything else he wants to tell us. I am already compiling my list of questions.

How am I feeling?
I am still having waves of nausea and episodes of throwing up, though they are not as frequent. I am still tired, but I am not sure if that is pregnancy related, heat related, or chasing a one-year-old related. Probably a combo. :) Heartburn returned with this pregnancy. Cravings? Ice cream, biscuits and gravy... that's all that is coming to mind right now. I feel Mac 2.0 especially in the mornings and evenings. Hubby was actually able to feel some movement the other day when the baby was extremely active.

I think that is it for this update! Thank you for your prayers for this pregnancy and for my family.

EDIT:  Disregard the biscuits and gravy craving.  I got some from Braum's this morning, and they were gross.  I did forget to mention I cannot get enough chocolate milk or Hostess cupcakes.

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