Thursday, August 26, 2010

12 new things

Got this idea here and here.  Can't get the button yet, but I will add it when my computer cooperates.

12 new things to accomplish this year (one each month) - I will start small for August since there are just a few days left. :)

August - make "more-than-basic" cupcakes - like the kind I saw on Master Chef last night or from The Cup

September - Get Buddy's first year of baby book (via digital scrapbook) finished

October - make an apple pie from scratch

November - make homemade Christmas cards

December - watch a new-to-me Christmas movie

January - become a mommy-of-two (I think this will keep me busy!)

February - make homemade bread

March - TBD

April - TBD

May - TBD

June - TBD

July -TBD


  1. (smile) become a Mommy of 2 - LOVE IT!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're more than welcome to link to me. And your list is inspiring . . . such GOOD projects.


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