Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's in a name?

We are trying to figure out what to name Mac 2.0.  My thinking is that since Buddy's real name is unique (and the shortened version of his first name is not too unique) that baby #2 should have similar attributes to his/her name - unique but able to have a nickname.  This is very difficult because I am just too picky!  On top of those qualifications, it has to flow well with our last name (so long "a" sounds are out), it has to have a good meaning, if it's a boy he will probably have Robert for a middle name (like Hubby's is for his dad), and I was thinking I wouldn't start it with the letter C like Buddy's name is. It also can't remind me of any horrible student I have had in my teaching career or conjure up bad feelings of childhood enemies.  Oh, and The Hubs and I have to agree!  Haha!  I know - too many rules!
The girl name we sort of agree on (Hubby really likes it, but I am non-committal) does not follow all of my rules.  It starts with a C, it is not unique, and I have yet to look up the meaning.
So, dear readers - suggestions? 
Names that you have heard that are unique, you like, and you aren't using on your own kids (at least if I know you in real life)... post them here or email me por favor.


  1. I like Christian. But maybe Chris is too common of a nickname. kind of plain. For girl names, I sort of like how they combine 2 names but leave the words Anna Beth or Ava Grace. Could you work with "clay" that is sort of similar and a good starting point for a unique name.

  2. Knowshawn, all the way

  3. I "lost" your blog for awhile (organization has NOT been my forte this summer), so am just catching up. While I'm really late in joining the party, congrats on Mac 2.0!! Updated my blogroll now, so I can keep up :)

    As far as names go, I'm no help, as we had the same problem and were fortunate enough that it was a girl so we could use a family name. I don't know what we'll do the next time around. I found picking names to be hard!

  4. I like Izabella, you could call her Izzy

  5. Well I have to keep some of my favorites a secret in case I get to use them someday, but I like Cecilia, Selma, Olivia, Sarah. For boys Evan, Ethan.

  6. I have a Samantha...she can be Sam, Sammy or Samantha depending on how she is feeling. (She is 14 so that changes regularly!LOL) I also have a Collin, Cameron and Evan...whatever you choose will be perfect!

  7. I, too, lost your blog for awhile...(must be the name Maria) but have found you again.

    My children all have longer first names that have been shortened -- and in the case of the first two first names are unusual but the nick names are not

    We have:

    Alta -Alli
    Elisha - Eli
    Thomas -- Tommy
    Matthew -- Matt (or MattMan :-) )


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