Monday, July 5, 2010

Multitude Monday #80-93

holy experience

80. my one-year old sleeping through the fireworks and loud music in the neighborhood last night.
81. patriotism
82. going to the traditional service at church for a change - something about using a hymnal that warms my heart
83. church and lunch with an old, dear friend I get to see maybe once a year
84. blueberry french toast bake success
85. the smell of steaks grilling
86. sweet doggie hiding from the fireworks
87. "putting in"
88. "hands and knees"
89. parking lot conversations after church
90. singing a medley of military songs on the couch
91. books being pulled of off the bookshelves by the baby
92. being taught that I like people I thought I may never like
93. twenty minutes of Sesame Street for the first time in years

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  1. I love that your list has secrets in that only you know! It is after all for you to remember all that He has done for you!



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