Monday, July 19, 2010

Multitude Monday #106-119

holy experience

106. A death-by-chocolate muffin waiting for me on the counter when I got home this afternoon, unexpectedly purchased by my hubby with a note that cracked me up.
107.  Time with a friend and her sweet little miracle boys.
108. Buddy sleeping through the night for a week now!!!
109.  Buddy sleeping until 8 AM yesterday!
110. A break from the headaches
111. Forgiveness when I screw up in big and small ways
112. Anticipation for my trip home in August
113. physical therapy
114. giving my hubby cool points for a pair of jeans he purchased, but taking them away for the other pair he purchased :)
115. Making huge progress on Buddy's scrapbook thanks to a friend's advice to do it digitally on shutterfly
116. the last week for Hubs at his less-than-ideal-job
117. trusting that God will provide - knowing He knows the specific things about which I worry
118.  Buddy's new pointing game
119. joy from a box of Kix being dumped on the floor

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