Friday, July 23, 2010

Leap Of Faith

Today is Hubby's last day at his job.  This is a step of faith because his new job is pretty much like being self-employed except a company will give him supervision and take care of his billing paperwork.  He has been preparing for this for months, getting all of his ducks in a row, and waiting on the various forms of beauracracy that exist.  We are waiting on the state to give him a number so he can bill certain clients that are referred to him. 
So we take our leap of faith today.  Faith that the last bit of paperwork would finalize SOON.  Faith that he would get tons and tons of clients.  Faith that he will like this job.  Faith that he will get all of his hours in during the next two years so he can be licensed.  Faith that the hiccup with insurance will work out.  Faith that our financial needs will be minimal and that we won't have to dip into savings for too long because he will be seeing people full-time soon.
Everything has been carefully thought through, examined, prayed through, but today it honestly feels like we are jumping off a bridge.  A bridge we have been researching for awhile now, but a bridge, nonetheless.

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