Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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I sat drinking coffee last night across a table from my cousin, who for much of our lives lived several states away, and for all of our lives has been six years younger than I.  We sat chatting about family and life and our 2012 trip and how odd that 4 out of 5 of us maternal cousins have ended up in the same town - the town where our mothers spent a brief part of their lives, and surprisingly their children have come and stayed - some of us left only to be drawn back in.
We laugh and we vent and I learn new things about my baby cousin, who is no longer a baby at all, but an amazing and beautiful woman.  And I drive home thankful and thinking how she was there at the hospital when I lost my first baby, and she was there, sprawled outside the hospital door when baby #2 - Buddy - was born last year.  And I wish that we had grown up closer, and I wish that even in the last few years schedules and life had not gotten in the way so much, and I make a promise to myself to make more time for coffee and conversation.
All of this thinking about my maternal cousins leads to reflecting on my paternal cousins, specifically two who I know I can call in the middle of the night for any reason should I ever need to do so.  Two who share similar yet different journeys with me - the journeys that we somewhat jokingly and somewhat seriously say we will write a book about.  And I think of these cousins who took time off of work last summer and spent almost as much time in the car as they were able to spend in Missouri the week after Buddy was born and placed in the NICU.  They came and they hugged and they gave and they made me laugh and they made me cry and they listened as always without judgment as I shared about the thoughts of reconcilliation I was dealing with.  I smile even now typing as I think of our inside jokes and childhood memories of lint and spinning green chairs and hand-me down clothes and Jesus portraits and "for cryin' out loud!"
Growing up I had one brother and no sisters.  But I was blessed with girl cousins which honestly may have been a better deal.


  1. family is wonderful, isn't it? bless you.

  2. you are very lucky to have all those female cousins!

  3. So sweet!! My sister, brothers and I grew up with no cousins. We were the only kids on either side of the family until we were older. We now are blessed with 2 cousins... but they feel more like nephews. There is just nothing like family! :)


  4. I think the same thing. No sisters but awesome female cousins who are like sisters! I hope we can come visit or see each other again soon!

  5. Thanks for making me cry, you big jerk! LOL! I love you both so very much and treasure our sisterhood.


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