Saturday, July 17, 2010

buddy vs. mac 2.0

I am officially out of the first trimester.  I am now in my fourteenth week (I think I have been for a day or two).  Up until recently I have been pretty sure Mac 2.0 is a girl.  However, I am not as certain these days.

some comparisons between Buddy's pregnancy and this one:
  • Buddy - I was sick every evening from pretty much day one until a few weeks into the second trimester.
  • Mac 2.0 - I am not throwing up daily, probably on average every third day.  And it isn't always in the evening. Sometimes it is late morning or afternoon.
  • Buddy - The first trimester I think I only ate Cheez-Its, pretzels, pineapple, and Sonic lemon-slushes.
  • Mac 2.0 - I have been pretty much eating anything.  Somedays certain foods (like pork or Chinese for instance) do not appeal to me, but overall most things sound/taste/smell good.
  • Buddy - The thought of meat, especially chicken, made me throw up.
  • Mac 2.0 - Although I had an unpleasant Chick-fil-a experience in the early weeks, I have not been an herbivore lately.
  • Buddy - I don't remember horrible headaches.
  • Mac 2.0 - For pretty much this entire week I have had a terrible headache.  Sleep, hydration, caffeine - none of these have cured it.
  • Both - exhaustion
I will post a poll on the sidebar.  We are not 100% sure we are finding out the gender in late August, but we are having a hard time with naming this baby, so knowing the gender would take some of the pressure off.

Any guesses on what we are having?  Feel free to leave a comment with your guess in addition to guessing on the poll.  I am going to make my guess after Deb L.  guesses, since she is never wrong ... EXCEPT when she predicted that Buddy was going to be a girl.  :)  Whatever she is guessing, I am picking the opposite. (Haha, love ya, Deb!)

*The results for Buddy's poll were 63% predicted boy, 36% predicted girl. 


  1. Ok, I voted girl and my track record has been spot on! Just sayin...I'm kind of psychic. Not really though, just a good guesser.


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