Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Big 3-0

In just six months and two and a half days, I will be turning thirty.  The thought doesn't complete depress me, but it has made me realize there are a lot of things I have yet to do in life that I really want to do.  Here are a few (that won't necessarily be accomplished in the next six months, but maybe in the next six years):
  • learn to sew - I asked for a sewing machine two Christmases ago.  I am still on project #1.
  • get caught up on scrapbooks - This will require me to go digital for awhile because I have only about eight pages done on Buddy's book, and I think only the first year or so of our marriage done.  I think if I make a bunch of scrapbooks via the computer I can maybe get caught up.
  • learn to really bake/cook
  • get a more advanced camera and photoshop so I can take quality pictures of my babies.
  • have a reunion with college friends - This is in the works - yay!  If you want to contribute to my travel fund, feel free. :)
  • get a tattoo - I think some of my older readers just had a heart attack. Sorry for shocking you all, but I am not sorry for wanting one. :)  I will probably chicken out of this idea, but I really do want one.  This will have to wait until a)I'm not pregnant and b)I just have that kind of extra money laying around (which will be quite some time)
Well, I think that is enough to keep me busy for awhile.  And none of it is happening today or probably anytime soon.  What is happening is a brief nap while Bubs is napping.


  1. I am LOVING my 30s (at 33) and I bet you will too! Kudos to you for having things you wanna shoot for!

  2. Danavee - I have NO IDEA. Something unique, feminine, and meaningful. Can you picture it? Haha. I have wanted to get one since high school, so I figure...


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