Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Go Out Walking After Midnight

tuesdays unwrapped at cats
And after a week of Buddy sleeping through the night, he had a rough one last night.  The worst was starting about 4:15.  He cried, we tried to let him fall back asleep, we checked on him, I held him, I put him back, I changed his diaper, I offered a sippy cup which he rejected, I held him, I put him back, he cried, I held him.
From 5:20 until 5:50 I held him on the couch in the semi-darkness of the living room.  The frustration of the previous hour evaporated for the most part as I sang an odd combination of songs to my baby boy.  "Pennies from Heaven," "I Go Out Walking After Midnight," " 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus," and "His Eye is on the Sparrow."  And his breathing slowed into a sleepy pattern.  He twisted into a comfortable spot in the nook of my arm and the crack of the couch cushion.  His morning breath made me cringe, but the perspiration on his soft head of hair made me sigh and smile as I rested my chin on top of it while he finally, peacefully dozed.  I dozed off a bit, too.
I mistakenly thought we were done with nights like this for Buddy, and though I do not enjoy them, I will stop to cherish the sweet, fleeting moments of this little boy finally resting on his mama's chest.


  1. oh, you had me there in the dark with you.
    and it makes me feel so full to know that now that my children are older , they still love to rest on me during late night talks or coming home greets.


  2. My youngest is 4 months and I find myself feeling many of the same things. You captured those after-hours moments perfectly. Thank you!

  3. Your story is sweet, comforting, and familiar.

    I realized I was a MOM the first time I rocked him late/early in the ... hours & sang to him tenderly.

    What a magical treasure unwrapped!

  4. I love how you see the beauty in the moments we might consider disruptive. That is a Mother's heart!!!


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