Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the almost argument

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The other day either my husband or I commented on how we really couldn't remember when we had last had a fight.
Then last night The Hubs and I almost had an argument. Over something so stupid that I almost laugh now thinking about it. Almost. :)
We had the pre-argument - the warm-up phase which three to five years ago may have led us to fighting about everything under the sun after we moved on past the silly non-issue at hand. But we didn't.
Instead he said something to the effect of "You just always want to be right," and I went to the other room to play with Buddy after saying, "Whatever," and thinking of all the things I would like to really say. (And I am guessing The Hubs went off doing the same.)
But we didn't say them. And I know in my head in just the few minutes before dinner I stopped dwelling on the phrases I would utter to have the last word, and started thinking how I do always like to be right, and if it is worth it on these stupid things. (And on some of the things that aren't so stupid, either.)
Dinner began with "I love you's" and apologies, and I sat grateful and amazed at the difference between the first year of marriage and the fifth. No tears, no yelling, no regretting - just a little wisdom to take a few minutes before we do something we cannot erase.
Just an ordinary Monday night last night, but I am starting to love ordinary.


  1. oh, you make me want to be a better wife... i so often say the things i think. can you pray for me about this? i love the new look of your blog! xo

  2. Amanda...
    only 5 years...?
    I wish I would have had this wisdom sooner than I did, than we did.
    But the last few years of our 22 have been ordinary extraordinary.

    blessings to you in this always.

  3. Oh, doesn't that kind of victory, the right kind of vicory feel so sweet?! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. We are not always great at this, but by the grace of God, some amazing people we look up to as examples at our church, and just the lessons learned over time, we have definitely done better. We still have our moments, but they are becoming less - in number and intensity.

  5. This is sweet. Really!!!!
    I love that you are already understanding the operation of your relationship in 5 years.

  6. yes only five years? That is great -- Lessons we are still working on after almost 14.......


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