Friday, July 16, 2010

all boy

Buddy is such a boy.  He is on the go, even though on the go still means scooting rather than crawling.  He is really fast when he wants to get something or some place bad enough.  He is into everything.  He loves the cabinets (which we have baby-proofed the "dangerous" kitchen ones) and drawers.  He loves pushing and pulling them, as well as doors to any room. He thinks he is pretty funny when he shuts the door on me.
With all of this exploration, Buddy is constantly scraping his leg or arm or bonking his head on something.  Ninety-seven percent of the time it doesn't bother him, and even on the rare times he does cry, it is pretty short-lived.  This morning he was up on our bed, trying to climb onto the headboard/shelf area, when he saw Hubby.  In his excitement, he whacked his head on the headboard.  The crying lasted about three seconds.  The red mark on his forehead lasted most of the morning.

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  1. oh, those red marks are tough! i'm excited for you to participate in "imperfect prose" next thursday!! e.


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