Saturday, June 26, 2010

to be surprised or not to be surprised

Hubby and I discussed whether in about nine weeks when given the opportunity at the ultrasound we want to know the gender of Mac 2.0.
Pros of knowing:
  • Easier to plan/buy what we need
  • We only have to figure out/agree on one name
  • Won't have to have the "you're not finding out?" discussion with family, friends, and complete strangers who will undoubtedly give us their unsolicited opinions, as people tend to do about almost anything pregnancy/parenting related, haha
Pros of not finding out:
  • Anticipation.  Buddy's birth was anticipated just on the fact that he was #1.  It would be fun to have some added anticipation with this pregnancy.
  • The joy of hearing, "It's a ______!" during an already emotionally charged moment
  • Keeping the guessing game going for an additional (God willing) 20 more weeks after the big ultrasound

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  1. More and more people I know are waiting nowadays! But go with your gut, and do what makes YOU happy!!


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