Saturday, June 5, 2010

TMI? Oh well

We are trying to get Buddy to take a bottle or a sippy cup this weekend.  It is time.   I have attempted this for several weeks now with absolutely no success.  I have tried every sippy cup known to man; I have used his old bottle - the one he hasn't used for months now.  I have tried all baby-friendly forms of liquid.  Today I bought another type of sippy cup and another type of bottle.  Babushka was nice enough to drive down for a very quick trip this weekend to try to help me in the process thinking that if the baby didn't see me when it was time to drink, he would have an easier time.

And he did a little better for her today than he has done for me. 

But my child is STRONG-WILLED.  Go figure.  He would rather be thirsty than give in.

Pray for us.  We only have a couple of days with Babushka as an extra pair of hands to get Buddy to do this.

Oh - and update on Buddy's 12 month doctor appointment...
30 1/2 inches (50th-75th percentile for 1 year olds --- this is in the 90th percentile for 10 month olds, which he technically is 9 1/2 months old)
19 lbs 8 oz (5th-10th percentile for 1 year olds, 10th-25th percentile for 10 month olds)
head circumference 18 inches (25th-50th percentile for 1 year olds, same for 10 month olds)

He did great with his blood test - no tears at all -for iron and to check for lead poisoning, and he wasn't too out of control when he had four shots.


  1. I hope you've seen some progress. Pass along any tips you might have. We too have spent a small fortune (ok, BIG fortune) on every kind of sippy cup. Luke just starts screaming when you offer it to you've just cut off one of his fingers or something. He wants his bottle and his bottle only!! Doesn't make mommy or his speech therapist very happy at all. We will conquer this aversion!!! :-)))

    *side note----Miss Speech Therapist is having us try straws and just an open cup too. .. Some kids by-pass the whole sippy cup thing. It's better for speech development not use a sippy.

  2. When we do things like this, we always try to minimize the brou-ha-ha. We just set the cup out and walked away. Then we would secretly watch from around the corner or something. I think kids respond to the tension they see in us. We seem stressed out, so they freeze up. Maybe if you just give him the cup and walk away, he will have his own quiet time to explore it and see how it works.


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