Thursday, June 10, 2010

procrastination or exhaustion?

I have had thank you cards from Bubby's first birthday written for days now.  Days. But they are not addressed nor stamped.  I must get that done today.
I also am owing people phone calls or emails.
I have been in bed by 9:00 lately. And during the day I am entertaining my one year old, except right now while I am typing this as he eats his Cheerios next to me.
So although it may seem that I must spend my day endlessly watching Oprah and Days of Our Lives... I don't.  I have a lot to get done today, but Bubby was wonderful and went back to sleep this morning until 8:00 - which meant I got to enjoy a summer sleep-in day, too. 
I have no idea what the point of this entry was.  Perhaps to say....the thank you cards are on their way...almost. 
I wonder what Miss Manners would say about all of this?!


  1. Miss Manners would say that you have thanked everyone in person and that this is enough especially since you are busy every moment taking such outstanding care of Buddy! Keep your priorities with your family and don't worry about "official" thank you notes! If someone has an issue with that, remember that it's their issue not yours!

  2. Thanks, Mom! They are now written AND addressed. Just have to get stamps and to the post office, butit looks like it could I'll have to wait. Don't want to drag the baby in and out in that.


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