Monday, June 21, 2010

Multitude Monday #55-67

55. Some sippy cup success ... hoping for even more this week
56. Air conditioning
57. Prayer from friends, family, and even strangers
58. My new OB
59. staying up late watching a Hitchcock movie with my hubby
60. hearing my husband read stories to Bubs - he even reads with the voices - makes my teacher heart and my mommy heart burst with joy
61. not being in the NICU this year on Father's Day
62. anticipating seeing college friends when they are in town this summer
63. being told my baby is a sweet boy by one of last week's nursery workers
64. a late nap today - better late than never
65. coming home from grocery shopping to the smell of the baby after his bath
66. a husband who vacuums on Father's Day
67. possibilities

holy experience


  1. Yes! Air conditioning! I really and truly don't know how I would survive the summers in NC without it. The humidity makes me feel like someone is sitting on my chest.


  2. I love the last one -- possibilities. SO good to remember to be thankful for the journey...


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