Wednesday, June 23, 2010

lots of updates

  • Physical therapy continues to go well. He is scooting (creeping) all over the place.  He is especially motivated to get somewhere if it involves him being allowed to play with technology or eat Mommy's food.
  • He is doing better each day on the sippy cup.  Yesterday he took a grand total of 9 oz - the most he has taken in one day yet. Today just for morning snack he already gulped down 6 oz, so we are definitely making progress.
  • Some new things he is doing - patting/finding his belly, calling the dog by patting his own leg or my leg (that is the sign for dog),  signing "more," and attempting to kiss us - which is usually more like a lick/slobber attack than an actual puckering up.
Me/Baby Mac 2.0
  • As I mentioned previously, I am on some hormones and a mega-prenatal vitamin.  I see my doctor every other week.  I am between 10-11 weeks right now.
  • My doctor ordered a TON of bloodwork a few weeks ago to try to figure out why I had Buddy so early.  Two things came up to keep an eye on through those tests.  I am suseptible to bloodclots.  This announcement scares me, but at least I know.  So far they (she and the high-risk doctor) aren't going to put me on a blood thinner.  The other thing that came up is I have an autoimmune disorder which doesn't allow me to properly process B-vitamins.  This often results in pregnancy loss, so perhaps this is why I have lost a pregnancy and delivered Buddy so early.  Neither of these things are a guarantee of why I have my history, but at least they give us some information.
  • I am not as sick as I was with Buddy, but I am queasy all of the time and tired all of the time.  I am throwing up 2-3 times a week, but compared to doing it daily for about 16 weeks with Bubs, this is much better.
  • We still haven't heard from the job in CA.  We have had no other calls from any other V.A.'s about the other job openings.  Praying the right door opens soon.
  • He was going to be transitioning into an in-home counseling job at the end of the summer.  The paperwork from the state took forever (as does anything the government is in charge of), but almost all of it is done now.  Just waiting on a number so he can get paid which should be here soon.  And because of some changes in scheduling at his current job, he will not be able to build a client load while he is working at his current job.  So... he will be changing jobs (God willing) at the end of next month instead of mid-August.  Not a huge change in the plan, but we won't have as nice of a cushion for the transition period. We are taking a step of faith in this because we feel it is the best decision for our family as we wait for an even better job to come our way.
  • We are still waiting to sell our house.

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  1. Congratulations on #2 :) Thoughts and prayers for a healthy and happy full term pregnancy!


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