Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have been thinking about friendship lately.  As a stay-at-home mom this year, things sometimes get a little lonely with lack of adult-female conversation.  97.2% of my friends are either from the work world or live scattered across the country.  So I don't get a lot of hanging out time, not that I have a ton of free time and money anyway.  This isn't a complaint, just a fact.
But the adjustment in this new way of life for me has made me realize how much I value friendships.  The times I get to go out for lunch or the moment I actually can have a decent phone conversation are like little gifts helping me through the sometimes monotonous days I have.
I am blessed to have a few friends that I can pick up a conversation with, after weeks of not being able to chat, and we don't miss a beat.  I have a small but significant list of ladies with whom I can vent my frustrations, share my secrets, and be transparent with my garbage without fear of judgment or betrayal.  This same list would also include the gals I want to share my celebrations with.  And I know a few of my readers right now are laughing at the phrase "celebrations," and I laugh as well.  I know I could call some of my closest friends in the middle of the night to come bail me out of jail - not that I am planning on needing that anytime soon - and one or two of these friends might be part of the reason I would end up in jail in the first place!
I don't really have a closure for these thoughts today, and that is bothering me.  Everything I type to end this post seems cheezy, like an essay I had to write in college that ended with the phrase, " greater joy!" Seriously. ugh!  But maybe I can't think of a closure because I am not ready to the have the topic finished.  Stay tuned...


  1. Aw. You are a lucky girl to have friends like that, and reading this made me think of the ladies I feel the same way about. I'm going to stay tuned.

  2. It helps to have friends with kids. I think Geetle's best friend might not have lasted so long if his Mom and I had not become such good friends. We rarely talk about our kids, but knowing the kids want to see each other forces us to find time for the families to get together.


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