Sunday, June 13, 2010

a brief Sunday night update

Buddy is really making progress scooting around.  I think crawling is just around the corner.  I am pleased that the physical therapy has given us some tools to help us know how to best help Bubs.  Family/friends - there is video of Buddy moving around on our YouTube site, as well as video from his birthday party.
We are still not making progress on the bottle/sippy cup.  He has just adjusted to being on a hunger (thirst?) strike during the day, and then taking advantage of my tiredness at night.  Tonight when he wakes up around 2ish, he is only going to be offered the bottle.  It could be a lonnnnnnnggggg night for us.
The other day a friend had posted on facebook about her baby pooping in the tub, and I thought to myself, "I am so glad my son hasn't done that yet."  Until today.  After church, he came home smelling like a lot of the lovely ladies who volunteer in the nursery.  I am pretty sensitive to perfume/lotion smells, and Hubby doesn't exactly like our son smelling like a woman, so we put him in the bath. Near the end he got THE LOOK, so I called for Hubby to come help me get him out of the tub.  Oh my! I will not describe the situation, but we had to tag-team the tub and the baby.  At least we went an entire year without having to deal with such an event!

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  1. there are so many 'milestones' in motherhood, hey? you are such a good mama. i learn from you.


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