Wednesday, June 2, 2010

birthday weekend

Well, I was trying to upload some pictures to compare this year and last year, but my computer is giving me problems.  Perhaps tomorrow.  Instead...
Bubby's first birthday party/weekend went by incredibly fast. We drove up to Illinois to celebrate with my side of the family. There were about 25 people at my grandma's house for the party - and I can't emphasize enough that it felt like it went by in a blur. I didn't get to talk to anyone for very long between the cake and present festivities. And man, oh man, did our little guy get presents! We are set until at least Christmas. :) Lots of books, clothes, puzzles, and fun toys. I am so glad because quite honestly I was getting bored playing with the same toys every day with him, haha.
Bubby didn't go crazy with his cupcake. He wasn't really into smashing it, but instead he would use his pincher skills to take it apart. In the end though, he became a frosting-coated,cake-crumb-covered one year old.
I can't believe my baby is one. This time last year we were just starting our NICU journey - seven weeks of driving back and forth to the hospital several times a day, praying that everything would be okay and our little boy could come home soon.
I am reminded once again what an amazing support system we had - with phone calls, prayers, emails, visits, meals, gift cards, etc. I look at the pictures from last year and then from this week, and I am overwhelmed that my three pound baby has come so far!
Thank you for sharing in our journey, for celebrating our miracle, and for continuing to pray for us.

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