Thursday, May 6, 2010


Sorry for being so negative yesterday.  It is just disheartening because we knew when we were moving here we would be here at least five years, so renting seemed like it would be a waste of money. And the economy was good at the time, so buying a house made sense.  And we were responsible.  Even though we were approved for a much bigger loan, we only took out what we knew we could afford on my teacher salary (since Hubby was going back to school).  So it is just frustrating that because of other people's irresponsibility (politicians on both sides of the aisle and individuals and corporations who made bad decisions, etc.), we feel stuck with a house that at the time everyone said was a good decision.  But I digress...

A happy story about the baby:

He is beginning to be able to repeat the word, "Woof!" and we are trying to have him associate it with E-dog.  Sometimes he sounds more like he is saying, "Boof!" or "Woo(p)!", but it has the same intonation as "Woof!" - which he says sometimes as well.  We notice he is saying it to himself just for fun.  Now if only he would start making the Mmmm sound so he can say one of the most important words of all, "Mama."


  1. Aww - thanks, Mom! Made me cry! Love you!

  2. I didn't mean to write such a long response on your blog but these are just a few things that I wanted you to know.


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