Monday, May 10, 2010

Oops! Multitude Monday

holy experience

9. A great Mother's Day with my two favorite guys - and a great gift certficate I get to use on Wednesday for a pedicure!

10. Taking the time to read more again.  We have been turning the tv off more lately and reading, reading, reading.  Mostly I have been reading easy fiction because at night by the time I am able to read my brain can't handle much more.

11. Surprise gifts - few things are sweeter.

12.  Falling asleep last night to the sound of rain.

13. Time with friends on Saturday morning.  What a great group of gals!

14. Sitting in my car outside of Starbucks yesterday evening with a vanilla latte and Beth Moore's Get Out of that Pit.

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  1. ooh. starbucks! I am thankful for starbucks... ;)

    amy in peru


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