Monday, May 17, 2010

Multitude Monday #15- 28

holy experience

15. thunderstorms in the middle of the night that wake me up for just a moment and then lull me into wonderful sleep
16. speaking of sleep... my dear husband playing with the baby on a Sunday afternoon so I can catch up on the two-plus hours of sleep we all missed out on last night from 2:30-4:30ish AM. I love naps, even more so now that they are harder to come by.
17. roasted chicken and mashed potatoes on Sunday evening, and leftovers for more meals! even better- we purchased them ready to go from the grocery store so there was very minimal clean-up!
18. life still being an adventure
19. the baby falling asleep in the car and staying asleep as he was put in his crib
20. online accountability group starting this week
21. bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit on the way to church
22. anticipation
23. watching Bubby get better and better at building arm strength and making small, but important steps towards becoming more mobile
24. dropping Bubby off at the nursery and hearing people comment how big he has gotten
25. baby feet splashing in the bathtub
26. baby buns trying to roll off the towel after bathtime
27. falling asleep with Bubby on his bedroom floor in the wee hours of the night - lack of sleep not so great - but looking over at his sweet sleeping face before I scoop him up to put him in his crib is pretty precious
28. a pretty easy new haircut that makes me feel less frumpy, even as I sit here and type in my sweats


  1. I LOVE roast chicken and mashed potatoes! mmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Naps are amazing! So glad you got one!

    May you get many more!

    From a fellow tired mommy!


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