Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Although technically I believe last Mother's Day was my first Mother's Day, since I believe life begins at conception, tomorrow will be my first Mother's Day with my baby outside of me.  :)

I have been thinking the last few days of all the lessons I have learned so far this year - my first year as a mommy - and the lessons that come to mind are not "typical" mommy-lessons.  This year as a mom, I have learned the importance of relationships and reconcilliation.

It struck me while I was in a Hallmark store this week, buying the most Mother's Day cards I have ever bought at one time.  Mom, mother-in-law, stepmom, two grandmas, and a great-grandma.  I joked with the cashier about the joys of  blended families, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized the truth in that statement.  Not just a blended family, but a reconciled family.  I can't even begin to type about all of the healing that has taken place in our family over the last year.  I am blessed.  And the best Mother's Day gift is that my son is growing up with all sorts of grandmas whom I know pray for him all of the time.

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