Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Crunchers

Buddy boy is loving finger food.  Hubby made himself pancakes last night, and even though Buddy had already eaten dinner, he devoured a couple of bites of this snack.  He is getting really good at eating finger food - Cheerios, puffs, toast - pretty much anything age appropriate we put in front of him, as well as probably not age-appropriate...the child likes the black beans off my chicken tacos from Chipotle.

But his new found favorite are the Gerber "Little Crunchers."  I bought them for him to try the other day only because they were on a really good sale.  We have only tried the veggie dip kind so far, but he devours them.  I tried one to see what they were like - pretty much like eating crunchy air with an extremely mild hint of seasoning.

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