Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So we had our initial IFSP meeting today (I kept calling it just IFP before).  Buddy was evaluated using the DAYC - and his age equivalant came up as follows - Cognition 9 months, Communication 6 months, Social-Emotional 5 months, Physical Development 6 months, Adaptive Behavior 8 months.  Keep in mind he is technically a 9 month old, even though he is 11 months on the calendar.

I don't really think the communication score was accurate.  He babbles and talks all of the time, and he interacts with us.  THe same thing with the social - I don't think he is that far behind.  So when we had the meeting we all focused on the physical development because even while all of the people were at the house, Buddy played and babbled happily in his room, then after awhile came out and "socialized" with us while we talked about his goals.  So anyhoo... I think the test was off in that respect.  If he is behind on some of it, I don't think he is that far behind.  Anyhooo....

He will be getting physical therapy once a week for an hour starting in a couple of weeks, next week if the PT has a cancellation.  He will be working on crawling, building arm, leg, and core strength, standing, and cruising over the next 6 months.  As he meets these goals we will add new ones, and we are not limited to just physical things.  But honestly, at this time that is my only major concern with his development.  Some of the social things to me are just lack of opportunity.

Well, I think that is all of the update on that.

In other Buddy news, he is rolling everywhere.  He wants something, he rolls across the room to it.  It is pretty cute, except when yesterday he hit his head on the corner of where the wall/closet in his room met.

Keep me in your thoughts Thursday morning and Hubby on Friday afternoon.  Lots going on it seems in our household, yet not a lot at the same time.

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