Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He only says Mama at nap time

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Right now I am trying to get Buddy to nap. He napped horribly yesterday - as in I think a grand total of 38 minutes all day - and that was spread out.
Yesterday he screamed, "Maaaa!"  "Mama!" "Mamamama!"
He hadn't really said that before.
And even though it was in his moment of protesting, it was still a proud moment for me - that at least he is saying those lovely syllables right now, even if I'm unsure that he knows what they mean.
And so after a few minutes I went to get him because he was saying my name. Even though I am not sure he knows it is my name.  Typically his favorite syllables are dadadadada.  When I say, "Mama," he replies, "Dada!" with a toothy grin.
I tried to get him to say Mama at happy moments yesterday, but he wasn't having it.
So what is happening right now?
He is in his crib, crying out, "MaMAmaMA!"
And when I didn't come to his rescue he switched to other syllables, "Dadadada!" and "yeahyeahyeahyeah."
His crying isn't out of control - just a simple protest to napping - so I will sit here for a couple of more minutes, enjoying the babble while praying he would stop fighting the sleep I desperately --- er, I mean HE desperately needs! :)


  1. Those napping days are so hard! I remember being so tense, and then so intensely relieved when one would finally go to sleep…

  2. Yes, they fight their oh so needed nap, I know all too well! Passing through from Tuesdays Unwrapped I couldn't help but click on that picture of the adorable sleeping baby. Enjoy!

  3. Can't wait to see all of you! I love the picture of my Sweet Baboo sleeping!!

  4. it's the most beautiful sound... the sound of our name from baby's lips... the sound of being known.

  5. Ahhh...some day he will TREASURE nap time, but by then he'll have to wait for HIS child to nap first!

    Ah, life's ironies!!!


  6. So adorable!
    He's already working the system in his charming baby way. I love it.


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