Saturday, April 17, 2010

shopping post-pregnancy

Today we went to the mall so I could find an outfit for my upcoming interview because as I discovered last week thirty minutes before church directory pictures...I have nothing that fits, other than some jeans I bought this fall/winter and sweatpants.  I am thinking neither of those options work for an interview.  At least not in my line of work.

So I had a Macy's giftcard with some money left on it thanks to my Christmas and birthday gifts from my father-in-law, and they were having a sale.  Buddy boy fell asleep on the ride to the mall, so Hubby stayed in the car with him while I pulled everything in my price range (or slightly above) off the rack and into the dressing room.  Sidenote: I HATE trying clothes on. From age 20-27ish I rarely tried on clothes because I had been the same size more or less, or when I gained weight I just knew to go up a size in my current style.  End sidenote.  So I tried on a million possibilities to come away with two outfits that might work.  I purchased both knowing that I will be taking one back once I could see it in real light (aka not hideous dressing room light with mirrors that make you doubt you did anything with your appearance before heading to the mall).

I realized a few things in my shopping experience today

  1. I will not be purchasing a bathing suit this season.  I saw myself in a pants suit, and it wasn't pretty.  I fear what things would look like with less material covering my bod.

  2. Shoulder pads are apparently back in style.  I use the phrase "in style" loosely.  I hated them in the 80's, and my opinion hasn't changed.  I will be cutting them out of whatever outfit I end up keeping.

  3. I need a pair of cute black dress shoes.  I have no cute shoes any more.  So I hope the shoe-fairy visits me tonight or tomorrow.

  4. I detest people who wear the size I used to wear.  I know that sounds hypocritical, but that is how it is.  I detest them if they do not work out and eat horribly, and I detest them if they are disciplined enough to work out and eat right.  Either way, it is a lose/lose situation for you if you are skinnny. :)

  5. It is a lie that if you breastfeed you lose weight quicker. Buddy boy refuses to take a bottle and he isn't coordinated enough to use a sippy cup regularly, so you would think after all of these months I wouldn't even have to think about calling Jillian Michaels for some help. Not true!

These are my thoughts after my mall experience today.  I will not be going back anytime soon.  Except to return one of my outfits, and maybe for an Aunt Annie's pretzel! :)

EDIT:  I hope everyone knows I am not really mad or detesting people.  Just slightly jealous. :)


  1. Sorry to hear your experience wasn't much fun =(

  2. I hate trying clothes on too! But my body is so odd that I always HAVE to! Well, except for cardigans (my favorite article of clothing). I feel like I never get to buy casual clothes anymore because 5 days of the week I have to dress up for work. But there are some really cute business-casual clothes out there. Work shoes are tough though. It's hard to find ones that don't look matronly.


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