Tuesday, April 13, 2010

more (wait for it...) waiting

Yesterday was just paperwork.  Basically it was the legal stuff of our rights.  I should have realized that was what it was going to be from the various IEP meetings/staffings/etc.  I have attended as a teacher.  It's not called an IEP for early childhood - IFSP or something.  So now we are waiting for the physical therapist to call and set up a time to come and assess Buddy's skills.  Luckily there is a time limit for them to get this assessment done for them to be in compliance.  So we wait.  We are pretty good at that.

I am actually learning to begin enjoying (or at least pleasantly tolerating) all the waiting.  Examples?

  • Buddy might have all of these skills start to click and therefore end up not needing assistance.

  • I have the chance to continue really praying about where/how God wants me to be working next year as I wait to hear about openings, school budgets, and interviews.  My decision hasn't been rushed.

  • As we wait for our house to sell, it gives us more time to figure out where we will need to move once we do sell. (See previous bullet).

  • I am learning more about God, His timing, and His care for me.

  • I am able to empathize with others who are in a waiting phase.

  • I think I will be ecstatic when we finally get answers to our questions - no matter what those answers end up being!

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