Monday, April 5, 2010

more spring pictures

More pictures because frankly I think my kid is stinkin' cute.  And most of our family members live out of state, so this helps them see Buddy on a regular basis.

sitting up like a big boy

total teacher's kid

at the park

opening day for Cardinals' baseball

I think Papa would love this picture


  1. Papa would be SO proud to see Cole in a Cardinals shirt! Love you Buddy!!

  2. Yay Cardinal's! I didn't know you guys were Cards fans. Are you close to STL? Lil sported her pink Card's t-shirt yesterday but we didn't get any pictures because she was sick. There's always next time.

  3. We are about 3 hours from St. Louis. My family is long time Cards fans. I don't care that much about baseball, but the baby clothes are cute, and I will go to a game to people watch and eat ballpark food! :)


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