Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Highlights and Lowlights

  • We may have someone interested in looking at our house, according to our real estate agent. Our house may be out of their price range, though. Yes, you read that right. FIngers crossed that they at least come look at it and like it and make us an offer.

  • The Parents as Teachers educator came today, and Buddy has picked up some skills since her last visit.  I think she also implied that I may be a bit of a "helicopter" parent because I don't let him problem solve enough. I  sort of see her point, but seriously, he is not even a year old.  I do not feel I am "hovering" that much.

  • The physical therapist comes tomorrow to evaluate Buddy's gross motor skills (and maybe other things, too?).  He still isn't really putting weight on his legs.  His fine motor skills I think are really good, and like my side of the family, he is pretty verbal.

  • Thursday I hope to know what I am doing job-wise next year.  I have a second interview, and hopefully they will either tell me yay or nay right then and there so I can tell them yay or nay and tell someone else yay or nay.  Still trying to sort out what is best for us next year.

  • So it's just a wee bit stressful around here.  And we were on a "no fast food" and "try not to eat terrible things for us" kick, but I caved under the stress today, pulled out my handy dandy Sonic giftcard and had a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a vanilla Dr. Pepper.  The only thing that could have improved that binge would have been a piece of chocolate cake!  :)  I have no willpower when I am stressed.


  1. Are the MO budget cuts affecting your PAT program? It's causing a lot of problems for us around here. Makes me really sad!

    We too are doing a "no fast food" thing. It's hard, especially when we have a bunch of errands to run or like you said, a stress binge. It will all be okay though. We did really well this past month, saving extra money from not going out to eat.

  2. I know it affected them last year in our district. Most people get just five visits this year - we have had one every month because since we are a preemie family, that is one of the exceptions. I hope they get their funding. I think it is a very meaningful program - especially for families who may not read books or have other resources for child-rearing help.


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