Wednesday, March 17, 2010

waiting is my middle name

Applying for a job is a pain-in-the-butt.  It has been four years since I have had to put myself out there, and it hasn't gotten any easier.  Some places have you apply online.  Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong.  Because everything that is in your resume, cover letter, reference list, etc. has to be typed in for that district's online format.  Elsewhere I had to write my philosophy of education in my own handwriting TWICE.  In the year 2010 printing out a typed copy is not good enough.

There are not a lot of jobs available yet that I want.  I am limiting myself to applying to districts that are close.  I have not applied to the biggest district yet because honestly, I am just not motivated enough to do so yet, and they don't have any teaching jobs posted right now.

Hubby is in a waiting phase of his own.  I can't type about it yet, I don't think.  What I can tell you is that part of the reason I am going back to work is because of the thing I can't type about yet.  Hopefully in a couple of months I can be specific.

So I am waiting for phone calls for interviews.  Waiting while Buddy naps on my lap and I am trapped here on the couch.  Waiting and hoping we win the lottery (which we don't play), so that I can stay home FOR-EV-ER!  But mostly just waiting to once again find out what I am doing with my life.

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