Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break so far...

I know technically as a stay-at-home mom I do not have spring break.  But since my mom is on break this week, the other day I decided almost last minute to drive up and see my family.  This was my first time driving here alone with Buddy.  Usually Hubby drives us all up here, or he drives me halfway and one of my parents picks up the baby and I.  A normally 7ish hour drive (pre-baby)I think took me 8.5 - the first half went wonderfully.  I had to stop for the usual feeding baby and me, diaper change (just Buddy), gas fill up.  But then I had to stop two other times because he got fussy, and I thought he was hungry (second stop) or poopy (third stop).  There was also road construction in which I drove 0-6 m.p.h for about 20 minutes.  This was shortly after Buddy finally got back to sleep. You guessed it.  He woke up when the driving came to a halt.  The best part was a construction worker holding a "slow" sign to the line of traffic going 2.4 m.p.h.  I took a picture and sent it to my mom with the message that read, "Slow.  No crap."

Also on the trip I found another use for the Sonic large styrofoam cup.  A mommy has to do what a mommy has to do.  And that is all I will say about that.

Today involved a trip to a local coffee place, some time with Mimi while Mom was at a meeting, and then a trip a couple hours away to see my cousins/second cousins and my aunt and uncle.  My cousin's kids are adorable - two seven year olds and a two year old.  Lots of energy!  Buddy loved watching everybody.  And he was a really good baby today including the car time.

There were other funny things I thought I wanted to blog about - rather than just this "report" type of entry, but overnight I think I forgot what I wanted to remember.  Oh well.

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